Day Care

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As part of the service industry you play an influential role in the protection and education of generations to come. Let us handle the insurance, so you can focus on what matters, the care and education of the youngest generation.

InPro Insurance Group has partnered with carriers dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage for your Day Care or Learning Center. We offer broad coverage forms as well as access to Safety Management Services, Accident Analysis, and many other resources.

Risk Management Assistance: Our specialized resources help you provide a safer work environment.

  • Safety Resources
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Motor Vehicle Guide

Good to know!

When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children, you can never be too prepared. Do you have Accident Medical coverage that kicks-in after a playground injury? What about Abuse & Molestation coverage to help with the unforeseen legal fees associated with an allegation? Our trusted advisors help you manage the everyday risks associated with the child care industry.

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